Earlier this week I was driving and listening to gospel CD’s when I came across a song I don’t remember hearing before, or at least not listening to. This day I listened. In fact I turned the volume up and listened over and over again. When I got home I took it inside and listened again. Today I listened a few more times. The song is titled “City of Refuge.”

The song begins with words about the city of refuge we read about in Numbers chapter 35. It was a place a man could run to and be safe from the one who aimed to kill him. But it then becomes a song about me; one who was guilty of sin, but God built a city of refuge for me. It says, “Now I can run to God’s only Son and there’s a city of refuge for me. One day I ran to that city of refuge. Though guilty I was, I found shelter in the blood He shed for me. I was condemned but God showed mercy, and on Calvary God built a city of refuge for me.”

How I praise God for that place of refuge He built for me! Still today I can go there and be safe from the one who wants to destroy me. Was I guilty? Yes. Did I deserve to die? Yes. But God said, “No.” He forgave my sin, washed me in the blood of His only Son, and welcomed me to that city of refuge. He reminds me that the door is always open; when Satan gets too close I go there to rest and regain my strength. When my strength is renewed and my faith stronger I return to the life and task God has for me. I think Proverbs 14:26 says it well. “In the fear of the LORD is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge.”

Have you been to the city of refuge? I pray that you have. It’s an awesome blessing to go there and spend time with the one who built the city, the one whose love and mercy is boundless; the one who died for me, and you.

By Wilda Caplinger