I counted dollars while God counted crosses.

I counted gains while He counted losses!

I counted my worth by the things gained in store.

But He sized me up by the scars that I bore.

I coveted honors and sought for degrees;

He wept as He counted the hours on my knees.

And I never knew ‘til one day at a grave.

How vain are these things that we spend life to save!

It was two weeks ago I heard Missionary Joel Bierman read this poem as a part of his message. I have read it many times since. Though I don’t know who wrote it or his thoughts at the time, these words have come to say much more to me than I can probably explain to you in this short space.

For lack of space let me mention just one line. It says, “And I never knew ‘till one day at a grave.” Whose grave did the writer have in mind? Was it the grave of a friend whose death caused him to realize the lack of meaning and importance of “things”? Was it when he faced his own death and soon to come grave that he realized how much he could have changed?

For me it was the day I stood mentally and spiritually at the grave of Jesus. Then I realized and understood all that Jesus had done for me. I could see then just how much He had given up; the sacrifice He had made. And He did it for me! I know now that much of what seems important to me; things it seems I have to have, don’t count at all with Him. The big dreams I vision for me may not be a part of His plan for my life. I can make things right, now, by seeking His face and His will; asking what He expects from me. I Know He will give me guidance and strength to follow His plan. I want all that I do to bring praise and glory to Him.

What a blessing to know that a grave, His grave, made the difference for me and that it’s never too late to serve my wonderful Lord and Savior.

By Wilda Caplinger