I heard a pastor recently say that he had trouble with the “forever” part of eternity. He believes it is as God’s Word says, but he just has trouble grasping the fact that it will never end.

My granddaughter said she truly believed that God was the beginning, but she did not understand that. How could there be something that had nothing before it? But that was true with God; He was the beginning. She believed that. She just did not understand it.

What about you? Is there something about God, life or eternity that you have trouble understanding?  Is it the beginning, end, or something in the middle that is so hard to comprehend?

I can’t say I understand the beginning, how everything came from nothing. And I don’t really understand all about eternity. I believe it all happened, or will happen just as the Bible says, but I don’t understand it all. Maybe I just believe and don’t question. Should I question and maybe search more for answers that will bring understanding?  There is much I would like to know. Why did Jesus have to suffer as He did? Couldn’t there have been another way? Why is Satan allowed to manipulate and ruin lives as he does? Why do God’s people suffer some of the seemingly worst battles? How long will this go on? Why do so many not believe what the Scriptures say?

I am thankful for the world that God created, for His Word and the many promises that I find there. I am thankful for the extra time that God’s Word can be taken to even one more soul. I am especially thankful that Jesus paid the price for my sin, so I could know the freedom and promise of eternal life with Him. I thank God for pastors, who preach the truth helping me to understand even a small bit of what I have missed.

What a blessing even when I don’t understand, that I can know and believe that God is, as His Word says, the beginning and the end. I know that He is ever in control and that His way is always, and will forever be, best.

By: Wilda Caplinger