I heard a talk show host and his listeners, with Fathers Day in mind, talk of “what your Dad gave you”.  The responses were varied but it seemed most remembered something of a character nature. Dad taught them to be honest, hard working, or caring about their families and others, always showing respect.

I thought about it later and since he died when I was young we did not have much time together so I did not really know my Dad well. Other than life, what did he give me? As the question continued to stay with me I realized that was not a very original answer; I wanted something better.

There is only one thing I remember my Dad giving me. Snowball cakes! Dad had always worked away but he came home to stay when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Until he got sick he worked at a small factory close to home. When he came home from work, about supper time, I would run to meet him. He carried a grey metal lunch bucket and we would open it and look inside. Sometimes there would be a snowball cake inside and he would give it to me. I don’t know why he didn’t eat it for lunch. Was he not hungry? Did he save it for me? I didn’t know to ask. I do know that today, each time I have a snowball cake I think of him.

So I would answer that my dad gave me life and snowball cakes. This is something I have never forgotten; it’s a memory that will always hold a special blessing for me. I pray that you too have special memories, blessings, of something your dad has given you.

By Wilda Caplinger