In Charlie San Juan’s latest letter he said, “I read an encouraging quote. ‘Don’t stop when you are tired or discouraged, stop when you are done.’.” He does not say where he read the quote or who it was from, but I certainly agree that it is very encouraging indeed.

I know I have faced times when I was tired or discouraged and it seemed it would be better if I could just quit. I wondered if anyone really noticed or even cared about the work I had begun. I would most often think of the life of Paul; a man who knew many trials and hardships. And he didn’t quit. He said in 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” Jesus, himself never quit and I believe He faced the greatest challenge of all. With role models and heroes like this, I will not quit. I will continue until the work is done.

What can I do when these hard times come? First of all, I take my concerns to Jesus. He knows, sees, and understands it all. I can rest in the comfort of His love for a while before I continue. Then too, I can prepare through exercising my faith, and spending time with Him in prayer even before the discouragement comes. I will, with God’s help, keep the faith, looking ahead to the completion of my task.

It’s a blessing to know that with careful preparation and all trust in the Lord, I can continue until I hear Him say that the work is done. I can then lay down my tools and begin my journey home.

By Wilda Caplinger