“If there’s no God, explain the mountain. If there’s no God, explain the sea. Tell me there’s no Higher Power. Then I’ll tell you what Jesus did for me.” They’re beautiful words and with music, they make a wonderful song. But when I heard them they seemed to be so much more than just a song. I heard an encouraging, inspiring message.

God has been so good to me and maybe the best way I can tell others that I know He is real is to tell them of all He has done for me. I know God’s Word is true but so many don’t know that. I know His love is real but they probably don’t know that either. Would they believe the words I read to them or what I have heard others say? I pray they will. But if I share with them of what I have experienced with God would it be more sure, true, or believable? I pray it would help them to understand and believe who God really is.

I look to God and I see such beauty and love that it is amazing. He truly is alive.

I look outside and I see God’s hand at work every day. He created the mountains, the seas, blue skies and clouds that I love to watch. His presence is always near.

There’s a blessing to found in telling others of the God that I love.