I am truly enjoying this holiday season. I have heard many Christmas songs that though the music was good, I enjoyed the words most of all. The authors penned words that brought praise and honor to God. I listened too, as pastors and others spoke words of praise to the Lord. They told in their own way of all that happened in Bethlehem so many years ago. As they described the events I heard it said in ways I had not heard before. Each one brought a better or clearer understanding of the story of Christ’s birth. With the understanding came a blessing and praise of all that God’s Word tells me of that night in Bethlehem.

There is still much that is not told to me. Much of what I heard may be speculation on the part of the speaker. I don’t know if it was a cold night. Was it silent with snow on the ground? Maybe the town was noisy and confusing with all the visitors. Who heard the angels besides the shepherds? What about the bright light; did the whole town see it? Was there someone with Mary during this wonderful, troublesome, agonizing time? Even as angels came to the shepherds, maybe they came to Mary and Joseph that night.

I believe in my heart there must have been a certain reverence and sense of worship that could be felt about the stable the night Jesus was born. It seems that even today I know a peace and joy that is missing so many times throughout the year. I know God came to us that night as a tiny baby; I know too He is with me now as Savior, Lord and King of my life.

Christmas was a blessing many years ago and will be a blessing to all who receive Him; even until His promised return.

By: Wilda Caplinger