I heard a pastor on the radio talking about the fear and concern that Mary must have experienced when the angel told her that she would have a son, the son of God. I really don’t question that she would have the initial fear and anxiety of coming events yet I wonder how much she understood of all that would come to pass.

Then the pastor mentioned Luke 1:37 which says, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” This declaration included in the midst of the events and promises concerning both Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, was somewhat unexpected, at least for me. Still, I know God always keeps His promises and nothing is impossible for Him.

Later I heard another radio host and his listeners talk of how God had been true and faithful in their lives. I listened and remembered many times when God had answered prayers, provided, and in various ways shown His faithfulness to me.

As I am reminded that nothing is impossible for God and that He is, and always will be faithful to His Word and His people, I understand again of the magnitude of His love.

God’s gift of His only begotten Son, bringing the promise of salvation and eternal life was and will be, the greatest gift ever known to mankind. That Jesus was born in a stable, living the life of a carpenter’s son, then dying for me, fulfilled a great promise and prophesy from years past. Having read his Word, I know that there are promises yet to be fulfilled. Knowing of His faithfulness I never doubt that each one will be kept at a time when God proclaims is right.

It is always a blessing to be reminded of God’s love and faithfulness, and that for Him, nothing shall be impossible even as His Word says.

By: Wild Caplinger