Already five days into the New Year. How quickly the old year passed and I am faced with a brand new calendar of empty pages to fill with notes, appointments, dates to remember, places to go, and things to do.

It is also a year of hours and days that I can spend with God. I decided recently that this year I want to be a friend of God even as Abraham was. (James 2:23) When Brandon preached last Sunday night of how Enoch walked with God I realized I need that close walk with Him. To be His friend, I must walk with Him; know Him as I do those around me. I want to spend time with Him, read His Word, talk with Him, and listen closely for answers and direction. I especially need to know what He expects from me; what His will is for my life.

Wednesday evening we sang the song, Wonderful Peace, and what a blessing that was. The song ends by saying, “Sweep over my spirit for ever, I pray, In fathomless billows of love.” I encourage you to allow your mind to grasp what fathomless billows of love might be. It will fill your heart with a praise, blessing, and joy that words cannot describe.

Five days into the New Year and already God has sent blessings far beyond my expectation. I look forward to all that He has in store for me, you, His church, and our world this coming year.

God’s Word promises tribulation for those who serve Him, but He also promised blessings and wonderful peace to His own. The tribulation we can face together in His strength and power. The blessings will come when we praise, honor, love and serve Him. These we can share, and allow them to fill our hearts with joy, contentment, and that wonderful peace.

By: Wilda Caplinger