Wednesday evening Pastor Paul brought the lesson from Exodus 14:4-14. He shared with us six things found in this passage that the Israelites forgot: things we sometimes forget as well.

All six were interesting and worth remembering but it seemed number six spoke directly to me. Pastor Paul said number six was, “God never leads us to a place where He won’t make a way of escape.” In this passage the Children of Israel were at the red sea with the Egyptian army directly behind them, marching forward, seeking to destroy them. Reading the next few verses will show us how God made a way of escape for them. You know the story, how He parted the waters and allowed them to walk over on dry ground. God then allowed the waters to return so destroying the entire Egyptian army.

The Bible tells of many times God has made a way of escape for the ones in need. I know He has done the same for me; at times to escape a trial and other times to escape temptation.

But I remember another time when God made a way of escape for me. He knew that the day would come when I would realize my need of a Savior, a way to escape the penalty for my sins. Knowing this, many years before God sent His Son to die for me; born in a stable and laid in a manger Jesus became my way of escape.

What a blessing to know that one dark night, many years, ago God made a way in a manger for me.

By Wilda Caplinger