Sunday evening Pastor Paul preached a wonderful message about an exciting, memorable, unforgettable place called Bethel. The title of the message was, “Everyone needs a Bethel.” He took his text from Genesis 28:10-22 which is a record of Jacob’s journey to take a wife. He stopped for the night in a place probably unknown to him; a place he had never been before. That night as he slept, God gave him a vision and a promise for his future. When he awoke and realized the importance of the dream, he called the place Bethel which means House of God. Jacob’s Bethel became a very special place to him. It was a place where he spent time with God; a place he would not forget.

Pastor Paul’s message was that everyone needs a Bethel. Everyone needs to remember a place where they spent time alone with God. A place where He showed them a vision, taught them an important lesson, or encouraged them in a very special way; a time they will not forget.

As I thought about what has happened in my own life and what I might call a Bethel, I remembered places and times that I know I will not forget. I’m glad I don’t have to pick just one because I remember many times and places when God was there with me. He showed me visions, answered questions, filled a need, or reminded me that I am His child. He even sent angels when I desperately needed their help. Were they all Bethels? To me they were. They were places I will never forget, and I thank Him for each one. I pray I see many more Bethels before my days are done.

Now I ask you. Have you had the blessing of a Bethel in your own life? Stay on the path with Him. I’m sure there are many more Bethels, and many more blessings ahead.

By: Wilda Caplinger