I don’t know why, but sometime today, in what was still the darkness of very early morning, I thought about compassion and how this was evident in Jesus’ life and work here on earth.

Without checking my notes, I can’t be sure, but I believe I heard a message preached on compassion in the not too distant past. I know there are many places where the scripture records that Jesus had compassion on someone in need. I think of all that He accomplished in his work on earth, and the many miles He traveled and walked during His ministry. Then too, it seems to me that apart from the physical stress, He carried a burden of mental concern for the people. Yet still, He had compassion for them, caring for each one and filling the needs of so many whether it was for healing, nourishment, or restoring life when it seemed all hope was gone. How many hours did He spend teaching them of God’s Word and all that it meant; all the ways that it applied to them?

In light of all this, I imagine He was tired, hungry, longing for some time alone, and a long night’s sleep. But it seems He was always compassionate, kind and caring. He didn’t get agitated or short with them, even when the children needed attention.

What does this teach me? That I should show more compassion toward others; show more concern for their needs. I’m no more weary or hungry than they are. When the agitation begins, I must remember how Jesus lived and follow the example He set. I should strive to develop a more gentle spirit and more love for others.

It’s a blessing to know that the lessons I learn from walking with God and reading His Word, are lessons that, if learned well, will help to make me the person He designed me to be.

By: Wilda Caplinger