It seems that daily I see or hear a reminder of just how great God is and that His love for me is beyond measure. Last night as I looked at the moon and stars I was reminded that it was the Lord Himself who created them and placed them in the night sky. The sunshine today tells me that spring will soon be here, even as His Word says. I heard a song a few days ago that spoke of much of God’s creation, asking, “Tell me who but God could make such things as these?”

Today I heard a song that I have listened to in the past, yet today it seemed to speak volumes of just what I needed to hear. It said, “I’m living higher on the mountain than I ever did before.” Today I am higher on the mountain, walking closer to God than I ever did before. I’m learning more of what His Word says, and what it means. Even as Pastor Paul explained Wednesday evening, I understand more of how, why, and to what extremes God went to, to redeem me from the sinful life I was living in; to buy me back from the one who held me captive. And it was all because of His great love.

But His love didn’t stop when He redeemed me, washed me in the blood of Jesus, and wrote my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Today His love surrounds me, comforting, teaching, and drawing me closer to Him.

God loves me. I love Him. The blessings that come on the wings of that love are far greater than words can ever tell.

By: Wilda Caplinger