Joshua chapters three and four tell of when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River. I hope I can explain to you what these verses have come to mean to me; what they say to me. Once again God held back the waters, allowing the Israelites to cross on dry ground. The priests were to carry the Ark of the Covenant, and when they stepped into the water, God would hold back the river allowing them to walk across. The Jordan River was out of its banks. The priests stepped into a flooded river trusting God for their safety and their lives. God stopped the flow of the water allowing them all safe passage.

I heard the host of a gospel music program mention this portion of scripture recently. Although I can’t quote his exact words, he said if the priests had trusted their eyes, what they could see, they may not have stepped into the water. Instead, they trusted God. He said sometimes we have to get our feet wet to see. If I don’t follow God’s direction, trusting Him completely, I may never see Him fulfill the promise of what He has for me. Do I trust God enough to step into a flooded river; a river that is muddy, deep, and swift?

Today I think of the crises we are struggling through. I have heard others say we will walk out of this together. Has God made specific demands or promises that will bring me safely across? I know He is walking with me. Can I trust Him enough to keep walking, even when the water is deep and the path is rough? Am I willing to get my feet wet in order to see what He has ahead for me?

It’s a blessing to know that God understands that I love and trust Him. It’s a special blessing to know that He understands my hesitation at times and that I may need a gentle nudge to step into the water. It is a wonderful blessing to know that He will never leave me. He holds my hand on the road that we travel, every step of our journey, allowing me safe passage.

By Wilda Caplinger