I realize that we are all traveling through some dark days right now. I have heard people talk of walking out on the other side, and that we need to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems these are nice ways to say that this will pass, things will get better, and that we will make it through this crisis. And we will because God is with us just as His Word says.

As I thought about the darkness and the tunnel I realized that the light does seem to shine brighter in the darkness. Even a flashlight does not seem to shine so brightly in the daytime, but if turned on at night it makes a light that will light the path I need to walk. I can see any obstacles in my way. I believe it’s the same in my spiritual walk. When I try to make it alone with no light to guide my way I can’t see what may be in my path, causing me to trip or stumble and maybe fall. If I am traveling through a dark place I need to call on Jesus, talk to Him as I make my way. I can tell Him of the trouble or problem I have that may be causing the darkness. He truly is the light of the world as John 8:12 says. His love will light my way through any valley or dark place I need to travel. Holding His hand, knowing He is with me makes the way seem shorter and brighter. Soon I am through the darkness and back into the sunshine and light that comes from walking with Him, my treasured friend.

It’s a blessing to know that with Jesus I will never walk in darkness but will have His love to light my way.

By Wilda Caplinger