It was just recently that I was reading my Bible about three o’clock one morning and I came across Psalm 40. As I read verse 5 I was reminded very plainly of all God has done for me. Verse 10 brought cause for me to question if I have done my best to tell the world of God’s wondrous love.

I love to drive and as I do I see the beauty of God’s creation all around me. It has been greatly marred by the hand of man but in my mind, I can see the world as God designed it. I think then of all the ways He has blessed me. I have need of nothing. He has provided safety in my travels. He has granted me health, friends, family, a church to worship in, and time to serve Him.

In verse 10 David says he has not hidden or concealed any of what God has provided in his life. He has told the truth of God’s blessings on him. Have I done as well to proclaim God’s love and mercy to me? Yes, I try but I surely can do better. I want my writing, my words, and even the way I live to always show those around me of God’s wonderful love. Verse 10 says the wonderful works of God are more than can be numbered; I can’t begin to count them.

I realize there is so much more to God than wonderful works, grace, mercy, and love. Each day as I live closer to Him it seems I understand better who He is. I know as the Word says, today is the day of salvation. Can I tell others of this also? If, or when, God directs, I will speak all that He asks of me.

I count it a wonderful blessing to journey with God, growing and learning as we go.

By Wilda Caplinger