As I look around me, I realize again all the many reasons I have to be thankful. The news seems filled with items causing worry and stress. I hear of sickness, the economy, safety, disease prevention, and too, the most recent political news. Many are struggling with understanding how to cope with it all; living in fear of the coming days. I realize that to exercise caution can be a good thing but sometimes there is a battle to not cross the line into alarm and allow it to take control.

I have given you control of my life with no real reason for fear. I can use caution, but nothing stronger. I watch as others struggle with physical concerns and much pain and I am so very thankful for the state of health you have given me. Reports say that much of today’s news may be Biblical prophesy, bringing us ever closer to your return. You have given me an opportunity to witness of your mercy, grace, and wonderful love. The plan of salvation must be told. I have safety, food, and strength allowing me to live my days by completing what must be done. There is even time to enjoy the beauty of your creation. I love the wonder of sunshine and blue skies dotted with eagles. Much of the music I hear reminds me that most of all I am thankful to know you as Lord and Savior. I can call you Father and share the love you offer every day, any time.

To number my blessings would be more than I can count. Thank You.

By Wilda Caplinger